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Welcome To Country View Doodles.  

We are a very small program that is nestled in the country down a gravel lane.  Our dogs get to roam our 13 acres and romp the fields. We have cows, horses, cats, and we used to have goats. The dogs get along well with them all. 

We have a love for the breed and decided that we should start our program.  

We have Bernese Mountain dogs, Bernedoodles, a Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle & Standard Poodles. Our dogs are all health tested. 


We specialize in phantom, sables, tri-colored, and brindles for our Bernedoodles.  

Our Goldendoodles are apricot, red, abstracts, and eventually we may have partis.  We have standard size now and we may venture into the smaller sizes in the future.  

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